a day in the life…(recipes inside!)

before I scoot into today’s happenings…I’d like to share what is seemingly becoming a pattern every time I attempt to take a nice picture of the boys together.

someday when they’re 12 and 14 we’ll have got a good picture of them together.  Of course by then, they’ll be even more super excited to have their picture taken.  Men, I tell ya.

Well, the morning started as usual, according to our new schedule…and this part is AMAZING, check it out.  Our kids are NOT UP AT 4:00AM every morning!!!!!  This was the norm around our house…and we were all tired and exhausted all day.  Both kids are sleeping through the night, all night until 7:00am!!!!

6:30am – wake up.  If it’s been an insomnia night, I’ll just “get” up…can’t “wake” if you aren’t sleeping.  But this morning, I actually woke up…I’ve had a few nights of sleep and it’s been nice.  Better than my usual 6 hours of sleep per week!  I even had real pants and a shirt on, not sweatpants that I’ve worn three days in a row and one of the hub’s sweatshirts.  That’s alway nice.  To not look like a bag lady.

7:00am – gather everybody’s vitamins and lay them in their places.  Hubs gets his on the counter, Nugget gets his at his breakfast spot & I set his iPad and play dough up (activities for while I finish up breakfast for everybody), and Small Fry gets his by his high chair.

7:30am – clean up kitchen, start the tea maker, and make breakfast.  This morning it was pancakes!  I made my usual sneaky blender pancakes.  This morning I snuck in bean powder (protein) and flax meal (omegas).

8:00am – here they come!!!!  They’ve both been up since 7 but we just let them chat in their beds while I prepare the home for our day

and I can feel the house physically brace itself….*chuckle*

After breakfast, the kids went and played while I cleaned up everything (this takes about an hour…not kidding.  Ever tried despackling syrup?)  This is the kind of shenanigans they got into this morning.  Our Sequence chips were aaaalllllll over the floor. (They’re poker chips, but we’re not a gambling family…we use them for our Sequence board)

These kind of things don’t stress me out…I leave them in that drawer on purpose.  I love allowing an environment for the boys to explore!  They’re so sweet when they get into things like this.  Nugget helped me pick up every single one.

10:00am – Small Fry goes down for his nap.  Nugget usually entertains himself by standing right outside Small Fry’s door….like this. (He knows if he comes in he gets a time out)

but this morning, he felt like a little Sesame Street and dino play

Sidenote:  he is crazy-into dinosaurs right now.  He got this large one from his great-grandparents for his birthday and they are in love
He even gets tucked in for nap time
It is not an over-asumption to suggest that this dinosaur receives better care than Nugget’s little brother does.  Since the dinosaur does not get sat on and shoved on a regular basis…I’d move this from assumption to fact.
well, after Small Fry was asleep in his bed, I decided it would be a great time to teach the Nugs how to paint.  Watercolor painting is my medium of choice as an artist and I was thrilled to show him.
He’s our little engineer so you never know how these sorts of artsy things will go.  But just because he’s a little left brainer, he needs to exercise that right brain.  And he did really well!
The world is hushed when a child is learning…it’s a sacred moment to see my child’s mind gently whir to life and allow the newness flow in.  I was in awe during this moment…and, like Mary, I pondered this in my heart.
And then Small Fry was awake!  I felt the need to separate the two for a while…Nugs gets a bit aggressive with him for a while.  So Fry hung out in the kitchen….
And Nugs played with his Joey doll for a while.  This is a great Melissa & Doug magnetic toy that allows the child to dress up Joey in a few different combinations.  Great for moms looking for some kind of dressing doll for boys!  This particular Joey set as a Knight, Pirate, Policeman, Fireman, Construction Worker, and Superhero.
Then once everyone had a bit of quiet time, and Small Fry had some time to wake up from his nap, we all got dressed and headed outside to have a lunch picnic!
And then it was 1:00pm and nap time for everybody!
My mom came a later (blessed woman) and I began my cooking for the day.  It’s freezer stock-up week at our house, so every afternoon, I make a bulk breakfast, bulk lunch, and bulk dinner to freeze (usually 2-6 servings per meal).  We eat one of those servings for dinner.  How am I doing this with insomnia?
Jesus Christ.  I am a walking miracle.  The energy and stamina I have are a miracle….He is sustaining me until we find some healing or even get my hormone tests results back.  All praise goes to YOU!!!!
Anywho.  Breakfast.  I made Hubs some breakfast bars, using this recipe over at Gluten Free Goddess:
Hers looked like this:
and mine turned out like this:
pretty close, I’d say!  I made a few adjustments and just used my Bob’s Red Mill gluten free all-purpose flour instead of purchasing all the separate things (like xantham gum, etc….ths all-purpose flour combines it all together for you).  And I added 2 tbs of sugar.  It needed a bit more sweetening.
FREEZING INSTRUCTIONS:  these aren’t in the recipe provided.  Let them cool completely, then using a thin sharp knife, cut them into squares, and lay them flat in a grid in a plastic bag.  Freeze.  Take one out each morning and enjoy :)
Then, for Hub’s lunch, I made a batch of Buffalo-style ground turkey to wrap in some lettuce leaves or with some taco chips.  He loves this stuff.  Here’s the recipe:
And this is what it looked like cooking….
FREEZING INSTRUCTIONS:  Allow to cool and divide into pint size freezer bags.  I got about 5 lunches worth out of this batch since I doubled it.  Freeze.
And for dinner…..
lemon Cardamom chicken with peppercorns.  Here’s the recipe:
Here’s how hers looked:
Here’s how mine looked…I did it a little different.  I was feeling fancy
then we said bye-bye to nanny and welcome home to daddy!  It was a side-walk chalk kind of evening, so daddy and Nugs drew all kinds of pictures….well Hubs did.  Nugs just recently learned to draw circles so…..
He got a little obsessive about the circles…it was cute
Then bath time and off to bed for Nugs!  (Small Fry went to bed way earlier at 6:30)
Thanks for hanging out here at my blog and enjoying the day with us!!!
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