Guess Where I’m Going This Week?

Oh, I’m excited. Like, this venti coffee isn’t giving me the shakes…it’s my excitement. It’s also probably the venti coffee.

There’s been a lot of changes here on Katie-Did. This has been my life-space for years…5 years actually.

But that’s all about to change this winter….

I announced earlier that, soon and very soon, Dwell: Practicing Whole Wellness will be more than a Facebook page. I am thankful for His provision of all the right people and all the best resources along the way to make this dream for His glory into a reality for His namesake.

This week I’m packing my bags, oils, and huge notebook and heading out for the Influence Conference.



I couldn’t be more excited about this. I can’t wait to share more about what Dwell is and will be. But really, we’ll learn together when the journey officially begins.

What will Dwell be like?

There will be YouTube videos, webinars, yoga flows, devotions, worship playlists, art downloads, devotionals, design tips and resources for your own blog and business, my own journaling, & essential oil information as we all seek together how to be wholly well in Him. If you live in the area, I will be reaching with this ministry physically into the community. Much of this will be free, offered in love to the women growing alongside me. While I’ll provide information, I won’t be telling you to eat or do anything…I’m not incredibly wise or know particularly more than anyone else, but I want to change the subject–to begin a discussion in our hearts and in our homes about our focus, intention and….above all….Jesus.

We will leave our places & groups where we live in the extremes of dieting, theology and opinions because we will see that there’s no one else around us who is different than us. We will jump from this space into the middle and ride down the river of life TOGETHER, with our very different worship, very different health habits, and very different dinner plates….all of us with Jesus.

We’ll learn from each other.

We’ll realize that we’re not right about everything.

We’ll lay down our opinions.

We’ll love.

It will be well with our souls.

It will be a resting and strengthening space until you’re ready for your own launch into healthful, balanced living with Jesus. That may mean you choose veganism, paleo, essential oils, or decide you just can’t move yet. It’s where all of the information, and ideas come into a pool of togetherness and we can sort of dump all that we’ve been sifting and turn our eyes to Jesus….and listen to where He wishes us to go. Sometimes not moving is exactly what you should be doing. And sometimes you need to go….like right now.

I won’t write all the time…I’ve got some beautiful ladies who have much to offer…more than I have to give.

I am looking SO forward to this conference as I will learn how to do all of this in a way that is most glorifying to Him and most effective, understandable, and applicable to you, friends.

Can’t wait to share more! Until then, friends…..

…may we be seekers of balance.


P.S. – My website developer is kind of cringing that I’m going to this since we’ve pretty much got the website done and I’m 99% sure I’ll change it after I gain armloads of information and ideas at the conference. Sorry in advance! You’re amazing!


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