Well, it’s not about me, honestly.

If I’m being honest, most days I feel a little undone and a lot under qualified. I am unwilling to be taught at times and am a recovering know-it-all, changing every day through Jesus and freed up beneath His mercy.

We are not unloved.

The thought of Diana Krall, a french press of coffee and my worn-through copy of Anna Karenina sounds like heaven.

I am a worshipper and passionately pursue worship in every part of my life. I have been lead by the Lord to worship with my words, art, photos and passion for health and wellness. I feel unqualified for all of the above, but confidant in His calling over my life. I am a one woman revolution for honoring these wonderful, confusing, amazing temples we walk around in every day.

I pursued this further when He stopped me in my tracks and lead me toward the 225 hour Holy Yoga Instructor training. I now pursue this gift of wellness even further by physically helping women enter in with the physical posture of worship and encourage them to stay in beneath His grace. Worship is movement in our life…reaching in and reaching out. It’s movement on our mat…letting those dark spaces unearth and transform into open spaces where people can see God’s changing power within us. I. Love. Yoga.

Here’s where I talk about all these things. And my kiddos. And how my 3 year old drew on my basement with poop <—-really happened.

Welcome to my little space, friend.

~The Katie-Did


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