The Giving Garden

Hey Friends! I’m over at the Mind Full Collective today talking about one of my favorite greens…KALE! So, in light of gardeny goodness, I thought I’d share a little update on our Giving Garden!

We’ve been the talk of the neighborhood, as these young kids, who’ve only lived here for a year, have Lowes coming in with giant truck loads of cinder blocks. We’re disturbing the peace, most likely, but my neighbor is remodeling her house and they are building a new house at the top of the street. So, I think we’re good!

IMG_9615t IMG_9616t IMG_9617t IMG_9618t

It goes without saying that having a truck come with a forklift is quite possibly the best day in a little boys’ life.

We did hit a snag as he placed the pallets in the garage. Our floor buckled. Whoops. So that put a drive in hubs like never before to get that wall built so we could get the garage floor cleared out again!


Ok, seriously, friends we are so excited. Things are REALLY taking shape. Hubs is working harder than I’ve ever seen (and he’s an incredibly hard worker). It’s amazing when your purpose somehow collides into His purposes…there’s a drive like we’ve never known that’s grown from that space.


IMG_9727t T53A9807t

It’s truly been an honor to work beside him in this. We are crazy-passionate about feeding His people. I mean, friends, this is what we spend our date nights talking about. We are so excited to be provided with just another way for His people to be fed…and fed well. With the fruits of the earth, the nutrients created in His hands.

Just a little logistics: we are doing the Square Foot Gardening plan. Our beds are rectangular but we are dividing them in half and will do 2 square foot gardening lattices, one on each end with a little empty space in the middle. This is large scale, larger scale than your Giving Garden may appear and that’s ok. God has grown it to this space and we have obeyed. Your space is yours and God’s 🙂


Two beds down, two to go!!! Great job, Hubs!!!

These are just a few of the lovely things we will be growing in our Giving Garden…literally just a FEW.


“There will always be poor, but they don’t have to be hungry.” – Larry Herman

My dad, the director of the Midwest Food Bank in Peoria once said, “there will always be poor, but they don’t have to hungry.” And that has sat with me since the very day that I heard it.

The truth of that statement has been spreading deep into my soul…into my very bones. And it’s breathing new life in me as I realize that not only do the poor not need to be hungry…they also don’t need to be eating only non-perishable foods.

I’m so excited, friends. Remember…you can always join in on the project. It’s a project that has little form, and a lot of love. See THIS POST for more information on what we’re doing and how you can join in in your own unique calling and giftedness. 

My first born, Nugget, has been asking every day when he can grow food in the garden. This boy possesses my heart for all of God’s creation. He cried with me just yesterday as the trees in the neighborhood were cut down, and he feels the heart of God in the earth alongside me. I cannot wait to let his hands dig deep in the earth next summer.

T53A9805twOh, my sweet Nugget…always tenderly caring for all the bugs and creatures in our yard. I cannot wait to worship Jesus alongside you.

He has been coming to me with exhaustive lists of vegetables he’d like to grow. Pineapples were in there…we to remind him that we live in Illinois ha!

Happy Monday, Friends!




**All archived posts are still on lockdown as we break things down for the new site. All new posts will be visible and available here for now! Enjoy, friends…

As we’ve been doing life together the past few weeks, I’ve been been talking a lot about our Giving Garden. I’ve asked friends to join the project. I haven’t explained much on what it is.

For a while, it was too much to hold, and I didn’t really have any sort of a filter that could sift down the words and some how assemble them together.

So here I am, making an attempt at explaining this project and what it is. When the Dwell Website is up and running, we will have an official page. For now…accept these humble offerings to our collective table of worship.

The central idea of the Giving Garden is Jesus. The central modality of carrying His name through the Giving Garden is multiplying via INTENTION. It’s about pouring out His glory in gratitude and thanks…drawing from the abundance He’s sown in our lives.

We have all become good at feeding and clothing people with our leftovers. The leftover crops, over-abundance of tomatoes, bag of clothes that don’t fit anymore. We are so good at giving our abundance and that is an amazing thing that we do for our community in need. But what would happen if we made space in our lives where we intentionally created and grew something for the specific purpose of giving it away? I feel like it would, in some ways, change everything within our family. This is about intentional worship…it’s service. It’s not, “I’ll give away everything we don’t eat,” but “I’ll give away all of this. I grow it to give it.”

Isn’t that my life in Jesus? I breathe in His breath every day, to pour out His praise, glorifying His name to all His people? I receive love to give love. It’s what it all is….It’s the difference between hearing the Word, and DOING the Word. Not if I have time, or if I feel inclined to. And this is the space that He has brought me to…I have lacked the “doing,” and the Lord has brought me to this space, now, where we have intention to be doers.

So when I told my husband, “let’s build a garden,” God said, “let’s build ME a garden…I have people to feed….make room for ME.”

So one bed, became 2 beds. And God said, “more.” And now its four….massive….beds.

1/2 of these beds are ours and our family’s. The other 1/2 of the beds will provide fresh produce, for free or donation, to ALL people that God brings to our door. We don’t know how He’ll bring them, or what it will look like. But this garden is being built and will be grown with His justice for all His people to have the hungry fed as the intention. 

So we don’t know the how’s, but we KNOW that God’s heart is about feeding the hungry…

….so we’ve simply made room for Him to do that. They’re His people, He knows best how to feed them…we just provide the room for His action. In all areas of our life, Jesus.

Yes. And Amen.

How can YOU be a part of the giving garden?

1. Start planning/building a garden at the end of summer. We recommend the Square Foot Gardening book. It’s your gardening bible about a method that you seriously can’t screw up. Anyone can do it…so read it…love it. Devour it. Get to it. Decide to give one square, or all of the squares to God to feed His people and let Him do that in whatever we He chooses. Follow Him.

2. Add to, or create space in your own garden. If you are already gardening, section off a few rows/squares that are your Giving Garden Space. Those are His. Or you can add more on to your garden.

3. Hashtag #thegivinggarden on your project, progress, and testimonies. Let’s start a movement…a movement that we ALL can be a part of!!! This is feeding the hungry…right here. Go help your friend in her giving garden, if you’re in an apartment you can do square food gardening right on your patio.

Just a look into what OUR space will look like: Right now, our tentative plan is that we will have “shopping days” open to the specific audience that God will map out for us. He will bring us His people. I plan to have a lot of information available about how to prepare the food, store it, recipes, etc.

But the neat thing about this is…everyone’s giving garden story will be different. Every way that their produce is used is SO different. Maybe you already feel the plan growing in your own heart and it’s giving away half of your cucumbers to your neighbor. That’s so amazing, friends. The Scripture says that the heavens rejoice over ONE SOUL coming to know the Lord. We each matter, individually to the Lord. Feeding one neighbor next door is feeding and clothing Him, and following His heart. That’s awesome.

Fact: people on fixed incomes, or government allowance typically do not purchase fresh fruit or vegetables as these are considered “luxuries.” They don’t typically have refrigerated storage available either, if they are homeless or in a shelter, so the money would be wasted. We are providing these friends with a luxury…and with food that will sustain and support their health.

Friends…I can’t even say how thankful I am for you. I am outspoken, unworthy, and pretty un-everything, but He continues to love me, grow me, lay over me, shower me, and raise me up from these spaces that I fall. He does this for all of us.

Let’s feed His people.







Oh friends…

The time is here. I can really start talking about where my writing space is headed. I didn’t have all the pieces in place for a long time.

And then I thought that I did. So I got a web developer and off we went together creating an awesome new space. I started writing this update post but God took over the blog space for a long time. He shoved me over and did some re-working.

He ruined my plan, actually. So we’ve gone back and reworked most of it…bless my web developer’s heart.

And now…it’s simply lovely and I am so excited to discuss.

Here’s the deal: I’m beyond passionate about wellness and healthy living, because I believe that every breath, every cell, ever molecule and every moment is a priceless gift and opportunity from God. Here’s what I know: I’ve wasted it. In so many ways I’ve wasted it.

So. During the development of the new space I had been really going through some major heart change…heart surgery, if you will. God was just dumping out my heart closet and almost everything was in the “throw out pile.” There’s something that happens when I look at my heart mess–I freak out. I completely freak out and move into the fear space that says I’m worthless and unusable and have ruined my reputation, etc, etc, etc. But from this space, God has healed me, strengthened me, and, through SO much seeking, trembling, writing, and weeping on my yoga mat…He moved. And I started really praying for God to grow my arms, to be a true doer of the Word. “I want to CARE about your justice on earth. Less of me, Father…more of You…ALL of You! Devour me, Jesus.”

Not soon after, God caused me to hear about She Reads Truth and they were beginning the study on Justice. Boom. Nothing will grow your heart space in the direction of serving His people like a study on His justice. I was moved…and if anybody follows me on Instagram…I blew up their feed. I couldn’t stop with all of this truth! (Sorry, friends, who were growing tired of those posts). 

…and that’s how God ruined my blogspace. I thought this was a separate heart space, this journey I was painfully walking through. It was something that I was seeking to grow in my own personal walk. I had these piles of things that God was cleaning out of my heart closet, and while most of them were to throw out…there was this other pile…a pile that still needs a lot of sifting and repair.

But it’s not to give away, it’s to give to you.

The Lord has placed a unique and heavy burden on me to share even though I want to clamp my mouth shut. I’ve been an over-sharer from birth and as I have claimed and grown this space of peace in my heart and life, I worry about talking. But the Lord has placed this burden on me and as I share this space, my only hope and prayer is that He will be made much of.

I have been a lover of sinning in secret, and speaking about anything that comes to my mind. I have not been a person of intention and I have not been a person who gives. I have been a pursuer of chaos and emotional confusion. But God has BROKEN my heart, and His grace has just completely ruined me. I’m ruined, I tell you. His gift is my gift to give.

So here we go. Now it’s time to share what this space will be:

The new name is…. Dwell: Practicing Whole Wellness! I’ve even got a fancy shmancy logo and everything. The name? I’ll break it down because each and every word in that name means everything to me.

Dwell – the space where the Spirit resides upon our acceptance of His grace. The space where He actively works in me…prays over me…speaks to me…convicts and encourages me….and completely CHANGES me, from one degree of glory to another. This is my first intention…to know Him more, and intimately. To live my life gently & quietly, resting in this space no matter what I’m doing, and what’s going on around me. To engage in a constant conversation with the Alimighty indwelling richly in me.

Practicing – because it’s all a practice till glory, yeah? The dwelling space is the launch pad for this action, and my actions must pour from that space. Life’s a practice, and there is no perfect. The action between the Spirit and I is found in the doing…in the sinking my hands deep into life with the intention of His heart. This has never been my intention before in my life, nor has it been anything that I’ve ever done. But here I am, friends, sleeves rolled up and hands in…ruining my manicure.

Whole – mind, body, soul & spirit. Not just eat healthy and feel better. Entire being…all of it. Whole body worship.

Wellness – It is well with my soul. My whole self is cast at Your feet, held in Your arms, lifted by Your grace, and renewed by mercy. Yes, and Amen. My wellness is found in the life lived from my dwelling space, serving Your people and serving the church–all of us blood-bought daughters and sons of God.

Here’s what I’ll be writing about:

my life…the boring and lovely

Feeding the Hungry, and what that looks like in my own simple little life…this is a hard space for me. Be prepared to watch me struggle to follow Him in this. It’s a brand spanking new journey for me. But I see now how He has prepared me my entire life for this moment. I feel READY. Game face = on.

The Giving Garden: a new project that God has just completely blown into our family because He is good. Find more about that later!

Yoga, and what that looks like for the believer

Lots and Lots more…with every post bearing my deepest intention for peace and intimacy with Jesus our Savior. And that means everything from iPhoto organizing tips to feeding the hungry in my neighborhood to claiming a quiet space in my home. Let’s allow peace to infiltrate every small area of our life. Please join me as I grow into the notion that God cares about all these areas and spaces in my life and what it looks like to give Him reign over them. In the smallest ways.

The tentative launch date is October and I will do my oh-so-very best to accomplish that. Name of Jesus. Yikes.

So there you go. It is my journey and my hope that we can all come to a better space of peace and intentionality in everything we do.

It isn’t a coincidence that the structure of this blog is based on everything I struggle most in and have ignored most of my life in pursuit of my own selfish gain. It’s just simply not a coincidence. We’ll trudge on together, friends. We’ll approach every battle from the place of victory as it’s already been won…

….let’s go. He is our brave.

– Katie

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