mystory_001The smells that come from those bottles bring back memories of entire life, quite honestly. My mother brought essential oils into our home before I was born and we were never the same. I have vivid, tender memories of her rubbing them onto my feet before bed, and pulling out her little case to determine what I needed.

Later in life, I struggled to embrace the multi-level sales aspect of these oils. I didn’t understand the business model. But as I sought to learn more about this community, I began to fully understand this business model. I realized that this wasn’t people selling things. This was people loving other people, and truly seeking to help and grow one another in the knowledge and wisdom that can only be found in a gathered community of minds and hearts. I have jumped deeply into this community and have found so much more than I was expecting. I hope for you to discover this, as well.

So here I am, committing that, while you will see posts about essential oils on this blog and even find links for how to sign up and receive your own oils, know that it comes from a sacred space in my heart…not a selling space. My aim is to provide a growing community of women what I was blessed to receive in my own home growing up: encouragement, growth, knowledge & wisdom…and a consistent home-space to do that. Holistic health is based on community…on all of us pouring in our own methods, uses and applications of what God has grown for us in the soil of His earth. We need each other in this space to grow in knowledge, wisdom & truth. With all of the googling and pinterest-ing it can be confusing to know where to go. By joining in together, we can become that unit. We will be available to you every step…every question and every brave attempt at something different.

Friends, these oils are available for purchase without signing anything. But, if we order only $50 of product a year, we get wholesale pricing on all of it, just for deciding we want to be members of this community. This is a blessing and good news. If you find yourself ready, and would like to participate in this community in a deeper way by joining in the team, We sincerely seek to provide you with any information, insight, and help whenever you need it to grow into the same space of joy and healing that oils have provided for me my entire life. I commit my honesty to you when I don’t have the answers and I will frequently have contributors here writing about the things that answer those questions and teach me things that I don’t know anything about…maybe you could be one of those writers, friend.

So whether you want to completely redo your medicine cabinet, try out a few things, or get in on the amazing discount that being a member offers you, know that you’re welcome here.

jointheteam_001• Click HERE to begin!

• Select “Wholesale Member” as your sign-up choice

• Confirm the sponsor and enrollment ID: #1980383

• Fill out your personal information

• When you choose your pin number, username and password, write it down somewhere or take a picture with your phone. You’ll want to keep that handy for future use.

• Choose your starter kit. I recommend the $150 Premium Starter Kit…it’s the best value of all the others, & you get all the basic oils (the ones I use everyday), and a diffuser, enabling you to get started right away on your oil journey!

• Finish checking out….and….CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the team, friend. I cannot WAIT to join in on the journey with you.

• You’ve got family! I will contact you as soon as possible. Come back to this blog, visit & like my Facebook Page, “Dwell: Practicing Whole Wellness”,  visit and request to join our family group page, “Living Essentially Annointed,” post your questions, testimonies, and stories and we will see them, friend. We can’t wait to have you join the conversation. (You can always contact me here or on Dwell if you need help joining the groups but you shouldn’t because we’ll send you the invites).



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