Welcome to the first post of our real official first series ever. I'm looking forward, in every way possible, to taking this journey with you. I can't wait to learn alongside of you, as this series has definitely challenged me to dig deeper into my own research and collaborate with a guest author. I've been learning so much. The comment section is for you. It's where this space turns from information to conversation. Community happens in that little box below these posts and I can't wait to see how we all bind together during this time, learning and growing right alongside each other.


What Is Thieves?

Before I describe and define Thieves oil, I'll briefly explain what oils are. Essential Oils are liquids extracted from aromatic plants. These plants are harvested and distilled to extract the liquids in a way that preserves the "essence" or "life energy" of the plant. So, for example, lavender oil comes from the lavender plant. Peppermint comes from peppermint.

Each oil has many different healing properties on it's own. But sometimes, when oils are combined together in what we call a "blend," the properties can manifest into something even more powerful and more specific for it's use.

Thieves is a blend of different oils that all, on their own, have disinfecting and detoxing properties. When combined together they are a powerhouse. The oils found in Thieves are as follows:

  • Clove - One of the most powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti fungal, antiviral and anti-infectious sources
  • Lemon - a powerful antioxidant, detoxer and disinfectant. Amplifies immunity and increases circulation and lymph function.
  • Cinnamon - powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral
  • Eucalyptus - anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral
  • Rosemary - antiseptic, antimicrobial; also contains "cineole," a product most commonly found in antiseptic drugs and formulas on the mark.


So Why Is It Called "Thieves?"

I wondered this, too, when I first received this oil. Turns out, that this blend has not been created by Young Living or any other oil distributor. Back during the Black Plague, there was a group of thieves that would rob the graves and homes of the deceased. The king marveled that these men were continually having direct contact with the ill and not contracting the disease. So he offered a trade: a lighter sentence for their secret. So, they told him about the oil blend that they were using, and it was these oils.



A few days ago, a friend asked me where she should start with oils. "Thieves," I answered. It's true, too, as I believe it is one of the most important items to protect your family you can have in your home.

As we launch from this introductory post, we are going to begin writing about the hundreds of ways that we use Thieves and it will be so much fun if we can read your stories too! This is the oil that just keeps giving.

This series may not be part of every post that we write this month, but be looking for the "Month of Thieves" title and our graphic when we steadily and often post into this series!

See you soon, friends!

Happy Monday!


DISCLAIMER:  I do want to note that I am just an educator and friend.  I am not a medical professional.  The information shared in this class is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness, nor is it meant to replace professional medical attention or advice.  Advice and testimonies are all based on use of Young Living brand of oils specifically.  Use and application of this information is done solely at your own risk.


I’m pretty excited about this, friends. As I move from His love and act on His grace, I become more and more aware about how the Lord has grown the fruits of the earth to provide sustenance and healing and I just can’t express how grateful I am. I write from a space of gratitude.

With cold and flu season just around the corner (or maybe it’s hit already), I just can’t think of anything more important to discuss this September than Thieves. A few years ago, I wrote a post about Thieves house cleaner and I was floored by how many people have read and returned to the post over the years. 

In the midst of my regular posting, I will be writing 2-3 times a week about Thieves Essential Oil blend and the hundreds of ways that I use it in my home and life. 

I also have an incredible contributing writer lined up who is…honestly…friends, I love her. The Lord brought her into my life at the EXACT moment I needed her. She’s here for good, too. 

So, I hope you join us, check back and grow with us as we all learn together about this amazing essential oil blend.

See you next week!




I honestly feel my finding a successful skin care routine is the work of the Lord. The endless shelves and aisles of products have done their job of utterly frustrating me. I feel as if I have tried nearly every one and I have surprisingly found them all to be similar and comparable.

But I don’t want a clean face with taught ageless skin by feeding it chemicals or derivatives. I just don’t.

Fact: my skin is the largest organ in my body. It sends things into my blood stream the same as ingesting would and I just want to know (and this is weird) that I could eat everything I put on my face, and that my face is fully nourished in my skin “diet” as my body is in my eating diet.

So here’s a system I have developed, and I love it.  It will cost you only $30 a month. I’m serious. It not only keeps my face clean and hydrated (which is goal #1 and #2, yeah?), but it actually works to detox, remove impurities, and keeps my immune system up.

#1. “Thoroughly Clean Face Wash” by Desert Essence. This is a water/essential oil based face wash that does double duty. It cleanses my face with tea tree (melaluca) oil. I checked with this company and their tea tree is therapeutic grade and protected from sunlight with it’s dark BPA free bottle. It bubbles just a little so you know it’s working and smells like tea tree heaven. Tea Tree oil is a power house for removing impurities and killing just about any bad thing in it’s path. I’m thrilled at the fact that any germs or bacteria that are detoxing through my face are flushed away at this moment. The tea tree penetrates my skin with the hot water, entering my blood stream for a nice immune/detox inducing boost in the morning! You can buy it here for $6.97. Mine lasts two months, so that’s $3/per month for face wash. **Note: if you have a face wash that you absolutely love but want Tea Tree oil in it, Young Living has a pure product. Add 1-2 drops to the soap in your palm and wash your face. Close your eyes tight 🙂 Comment below to get some!

#2. Norwex Body Cloths. Oh, friends, I can’t speak highly enough of Norwex. I really can’t. I use their EnviroCloths to clean my house every single day, all day. Because of the Silver (the same as Colloidal Silver) woven in the threads, I am cleaning and sterilizing just by wiping the surfaces. I digress. I absolutely LOVE following up my face wash with my Norwex body cloth. It’s removing any impurities that the soap missed, and further encouraging the detox process. Plus, because of the rougher mirofiber surface it’s exfoliating the heck out of my face. No dead skin after a light scrub with that. These come in a 3 Pack for $20. But if you care for them properly they’ll last you 3 years. That’s $.50 a day.

#3 KIT Naturals Orange Dream Cream. Honestly, I have to contain myself. I just get so darn excited about all of these products. Ok. KIT Naturals. I can’t even begin to say how amazing these ladies are. Products are freshly compounded when ordered, or drawn from a very low stock (to keep ingredients fresh). Products containing essential oils are kept in dark containers to preserve them. They also have an Ultimate Relief cream that is a MIRACLE WORKER for my children’s rashes and ouches. But this dream cream…well first I love that my face smells like a creamsicle. That’s kind of fun. But second, orange essential oil is absolutely fantastic for lifting the spirits, flushing the system of impurities and boosting immunity. So by Step #3, we are super clean, friends. This cream also prevents signs of aging, firms skin and irons out wrinkles…because nature is awesome. It’s heavy when it goes on, and you may feel nervous because it looks so greasy. But here’s the awesome part: because every single thing in this little jar is edible, and fresh from the earth, your skin leaves nothing behind…within 15 minutes it’s slurped it all up. Your skin ADORES this stuff, and the women who make it actually call it “gourmet skin food.” They aren’t kidding. You don’t have to avoid your eyes, or your lips, and I slather it all over those places to get extra moisture. I also go down my throat too. A little goes a long way, though, and this one pot lasts me about 3 months. So, at $14 per jar, that’s $5 a month. You can check out their site and order your product here. 

#4 Acure Argan Oil. They’ve called it “liquid gold,” for centuries and there is a reason. Organic Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids, and Proteins. It fights lines, repairs imperfections, and minimize scars & stretch marks. It also works to restore texture, elasticity and tone. I only do this at night because it stays a little oily on my skin longer than what’s convenient. But I call it my “skin vitamins.” I will put one, to two drops on my hand and dab this around my eyes, on my forehead, and around my mouth. I’ll then slide it down my throat and around my ears. It has seriously changed the look and tone of my skin. I don’t go a day without following up my moisturizer with it. You can order it here. This bottle runs at $15. Because you use it 1-2 drops at a time it will take you FOREVER to use it up. $5 a month is what it adds up to.

#5 Frankincense Essential Oil. Ok. I want to first say, right up front, that purchasing pure quality, therapeutic grade Frankincense will run you $95 without wholesale membership. It’s a doozy. I will also say this: I have been so grateful for having this oil in my home. For the face routine, I finish my face washing with 1-2 drops rubbed lightly onto the fine lined places on my skin. It has strange miracle working properties on wrinkles. But we diffuse it, put it on our feet or ingest it in capsules when we’re sick, wear it for confidence, etc. My one bottle, a year later is still hanging around and it’s about 1/2 down. The only thing that I use Frankincense for EVERY DAY is face toning. Otherwise it stays in the cabinets on an as-needed basis. So because ours will last about 2 years, most likely, making it $4 a month.

So there you have it friends! If you have any questions about the oils mentioned or the products, comment below and I’ll get to them as soon as I can 🙂

Happy Friday!




It was a dark couple of years, friends. It really was. Depression and ailing health are things I had never experienced until that time, and it was a long journey to recovery…I’m still on that journey, to be completely honest.

My body still bears the signs and scars from the time that nearly blew the life out of me. Sleep is a recurring issue since my adrenal system is still scarred from the strain that caused it to fail. Anxiety still creeps in at times. I’m working to help my body repair my metabolism. My immune system is finally on the upward climb. I’m emerging from a war, and I was blown to bits.

I’m honestly still processing it all, and, in a lot of ways, I feel like I’m just waking up to life. I’m a little mentally exhausted, though, too. Infirmity can cause a complete realignment of what we believe.

My brain is…interesting right now. To say the least.

I still struggle with insomnia and my usual arsenal wasn’t working for me anymore. In the beginning of my health journey, I was given Ambien and it began a vicious cycle of dependancy. I have, since then, been careful of using medications.

Quite honestly, my cabinet of essential oils weren’t working either.

A few weeks ago, a friend recommended Cedarwood oil to me for my sleep. She said, “Cedarwood is so great for the mind when it’s kind of frantic and busy. Until your adrenals calm down more, you’re going to be in the fight-or-flight mode more times a day than you need to be. This will help with that.”

So I applied it to my feet on the reflexology points and diffused it next to my bed.

I woke up the next morning from a deep sleep and I cried, to be completely honest. This is what I love about the holistic lifestyle. It’s knowing that He grew up from the ground beauty, healing and sustenance. I feel so completely cared for by my Abba. Whenever essential oils nurture my body I feel His intention for all His people and am completely, humbly blessed by His heart for us.

I slept deep because Cedarwood stimulates the release of melatonin. But I think the reason it worked so well with me is because Cedarwood relaxes the nervous system, releases tension, and helps the mental anxiety and cyclical thought patterns to calm down. This is one of the main reasons for my insomnia most of the time. My adrenals and nervous stern system are saying I’m in some kind of emergency when I’m not. I am living in emotional/physical shell shock from one of the worst wars of my life and it will take time to recover. Cedarwood helped my body remind my mind and heart that it’s all ok. And I slept.

Now, this oil is an integral part of my daily life. I wear it on my wrists for the smell, sometimes, to calm my anxious mind. In the car I’ll have it on a cotton ball and stick it in the vent and it helps me find those breathe cleansing breaths when my kids are both throwing down in the back seat. I diffuse it next to me by my bed and wear it on my feet for all the antibacterial and cleansing qualities.

So, friends…if Lavender or your usual method isn’t healthful or working for sleep, or anxiety, I encourage you to try Cedarwood. It’s an unusual option but it has been such a blessing to me in this repairing space of my life. It has a very woody scent, the same as a cedar closet. I kind of love that.

If you have never purchased from Young Living, and would like to purchase this, you can go to the “essential oils” tab at the top of this blog and read more on how to do that.

Happy Tuesday!



Hey Friends! I’m over at the Mind Full Collective today talking about one of my favorite greens…KALE! So, in light of gardeny goodness, I thought I’d share a little update on our Giving Garden!

We’ve been the talk of the neighborhood, as these young kids, who’ve only lived here for a year, have Lowes coming in with giant truck loads of cinder blocks. We’re disturbing the peace, most likely, but my neighbor is remodeling her house and they are building a new house at the top of the street. So, I think we’re good!

IMG_9615t IMG_9616t IMG_9617t IMG_9618t

It goes without saying that having a truck come with a forklift is quite possibly the best day in a little boys’ life.

We did hit a snag as he placed the pallets in the garage. Our floor buckled. Whoops. So that put a drive in hubs like never before to get that wall built so we could get the garage floor cleared out again!


Ok, seriously, friends we are so excited. Things are REALLY taking shape. Hubs is working harder than I’ve ever seen (and he’s an incredibly hard worker). It’s amazing when your purpose somehow collides into His purposes…there’s a drive like we’ve never known that’s grown from that space.


IMG_9727t T53A9807t

It’s truly been an honor to work beside him in this. We are crazy-passionate about feeding His people. I mean, friends, this is what we spend our date nights talking about. We are so excited to be provided with just another way for His people to be fed…and fed well. With the fruits of the earth, the nutrients created in His hands.

Just a little logistics: we are doing the Square Foot Gardening plan. Our beds are rectangular but we are dividing them in half and will do 2 square foot gardening lattices, one on each end with a little empty space in the middle. This is large scale, larger scale than your Giving Garden may appear and that’s ok. God has grown it to this space and we have obeyed. Your space is yours and God’s 🙂


Two beds down, two to go!!! Great job, Hubs!!!

These are just a few of the lovely things we will be growing in our Giving Garden…literally just a FEW.


“There will always be poor, but they don’t have to be hungry.” – Larry Herman

My dad, the director of the Midwest Food Bank in Peoria once said, “there will always be poor, but they don’t have to hungry.” And that has sat with me since the very day that I heard it.

The truth of that statement has been spreading deep into my soul…into my very bones. And it’s breathing new life in me as I realize that not only do the poor not need to be hungry…they also don’t need to be eating only non-perishable foods.

I’m so excited, friends. Remember…you can always join in on the project. It’s a project that has little form, and a lot of love. See THIS POST for more information on what we’re doing and how you can join in in your own unique calling and giftedness. 

My first born, Nugget, has been asking every day when he can grow food in the garden. This boy possesses my heart for all of God’s creation. He cried with me just yesterday as the trees in the neighborhood were cut down, and he feels the heart of God in the earth alongside me. I cannot wait to let his hands dig deep in the earth next summer.

T53A9805twOh, my sweet Nugget…always tenderly caring for all the bugs and creatures in our yard. I cannot wait to worship Jesus alongside you.

He has been coming to me with exhaustive lists of vegetables he’d like to grow. Pineapples were in there…we to remind him that we live in Illinois ha!

Happy Monday, Friends!



**All archived posts are still on lockdown as we break things down for the new site. All new posts will be visible and available here for now! Enjoy, friends..


It’s 95 degrees and there is sweat dumping out of pores that you didn’t even know you had (aka who knew your forearms could sweat?). As you lower into plank, your mat is getting soaked by the drop full. It’s running down your arms, into your eyes, soaking your clothes. You breathe into that space, filling the belly and enjoy that tingling sensation of the systems in your body coming alive.

This is hot yoga. It is hard work, friends. It is healing.


What It’s Like: 

A typical hot yoga class will run about 60 minutes in a room set to 95 degrees. The lights are a bit lower in these classes as it takes an incredible amount of focus and breath work to practice in this space. Aka don’t look at other people for comparison. Stay on your own mat and focus on taking your practice to a whole new space. Breathe. You will go through a series of postures, and possibly even a flow, depending on the level. It will be similar to your regular practice. The challenge comes from the environment.


I’m no guru, and I haven’t been practicing for many years, so I’m still in the space that most of you are: still exploring and finding their own practice on the mat. From this space of authenticity, yet educated awareness as an instructor, I thought I’d share some information that is most useful to the hot yoga newbie. From one friend to another 🙂



1. Advance your physical practice. If you thought your forward fold was deep, wait till you do it in a hot practice. Flexibility increases in this warm environment. So come willing to try out those wraps and binds…you may find yourself more able to get into them. Just be careful to not push yourself too far…let your body tell you where to venture and where to stop.

2. Detox, baby. This space is a dumping ground for all that negative ick we gather throughout the day. You’ll find your heart is pumping pretty fast and that’s totally normal…this is hard work and you’re increasing your circulation, further helping the body restore and cleanse. Expect lots of twists in a hot class as they are highly beneficial in the detox process.

3. Yoga high. This class will give you a pretty amazing rush as those endorphins flood in, especially as your body temp settles back to normal. I love this space after a good practice. It reminds me of the miracle and incredible gift my body is. I am grateful to the Lord for gifting me with this vessel.


1. It’s hot. Like really, really hot. Combat dehydration by drinking at least 20 ounces of water throughout the hour before your class. Drink during your class and flush your system with a good 20-60 ounces throughout the next two hours after your class.

2. You may become dizzy or feel sick. First, that’s what child’s pose is for. Take it a lot. When your teacher calls for the chattarunga (which will happen in most transitions from one standing pose to another), rock back into child’s pose and meet up with the class at the next directive. Eat your last meal before class about 1-2 hours before class. If you eat too far away from your class time you’ll feel dizzy or faint. If you eat too closely to your class time, you could feel pretty sick to your stomach. When you go from a bent or folded position to a standing position, take it slow, and make sure our head is last to come up. If you still feel dizzy, lower into child’s pose, sip some water and wait patiently for this to subside. BREATHE. A lot. Most of the time, we get dizzy in yoga because we aren’t breathing anymore. If you are trying to breathe, but you find that you can’t find your deep yogic breath then what you’re doing is maybe still too advanced for you. Modify, or take a child’s pose to recenter. You have not failed, friend. You are super brave and a crazy yoga lady trying all these new fun things!

3. Spiritual. It’s no mystery that hot, sweaty environments have been used for transic, meditative practices throughout history. While most yoga studios in the US focus mainly on the physical practice of yoga joined with the breath, the hot classes will sometimes incorporate more of a spiritual element. There may be chanting music, or meditative practices within these classes. If this is not your thing, and you like to keep religion out of your practice then it’s worth a call ahead to check. For my Christian sisters out there, as believers in Jesus Christ, we want to be very careful about these situations, and that is for you to discern. Check in with Spirit on this. If, for whatever reason, this is an environment that causes you to feel uncomfortable, you’ll struggle to relax. Your spiritual spidey senses will be all alert as you’re trying to filter out some of the mystic practices. It’s not worth the $10+ drop-in fee at that point. So, it never hurts to call and ask about the practice and what typically goes down in the hot classes if this is a concern. Better to know now then awkwardly walk out later if you end up not feeling comfortable.



In addition to the other tips that I provided above, here’s a few extra little tidbits.

– consult your doctor before attending a hot yoga class. This unique and somewhat intense environment shouldn’t be taken lightly and you should definitely make sure that your doctor or naturopath, who knows your medical history and possible medical conditions, considers it to be a beneficial addition to your yoga practice.

– plan on attending one class for now, and space out your classes a week or two apart from one another. It can take a while for the body to acclimate to the environment. Going longer than 2 months in-between hot classes may mean you will start the acclimation process all over again. So if you’re planning on only occasionally attending hot classes, they will always be a bit more exhausting and difficult than if you made it a more regular thing.

– come early for class and tell the teacher that you’ve never done this before so could she please make sure she gives plenty of directives for modifications for some of the poses? (aka, knee to the mat in crescent lunge, child’s pose instead of chattarunga). Your teacher wants you to enjoy your practice and grow your practice. She will be more than happy to do that. (Sidenote: we love when you talk to us. We have no idea what your struggles are or what directives you need by just looking at you sometimes…give us some love so we can love all over you in class).

– Wear loose clothing. For your first time, leave the leggings and tight yoga top at home and trade them for shorts and a loose flowing tank top and a sports bra.

– Hair up. If your hair is short, make sure you have a nice wide headband that stays in place. You may not want that in the future but the first time you experience this kind of sweating it could distract you as it runs in your eyes.

– Ditch the makeup. Take it off before you enter the room….it could end up in your eyes and BURN.

– Bring your own towel(s). I mean–it’s a LOT of sweat. Keep it to yourself 🙂

– Most studios provide water or bottles of water. But, if you’re not sure, bring 2-3 bottles of water, and keep them right by your mat. You may not drink it all, but better to be safe than dizzy 🙂 Sip, don’t chug. Yoga doesn’t like a full tummy.

– After class, when they offer you to wipe your mat off with their spray, do that. Rolling up your mat with all that sweat still on it could cause your mat to smell terrible tomorrow when you unroll it again.

Hopefully this helps as you consider venturing into the hot yoga world 🙂 Call the studios in your area, check Facebook, get a good idea of what’s out there! And try it!

Happy Thursday!


**All archived posts are still on lockdown as we break things down for the new site. All new posts will be visible and available here for now! Enjoy, friends…

As we’ve been doing life together the past few weeks, I’ve been been talking a lot about our Giving Garden. I’ve asked friends to join the project. I haven’t explained much on what it is.

For a while, it was too much to hold, and I didn’t really have any sort of a filter that could sift down the words and some how assemble them together.

So here I am, making an attempt at explaining this project and what it is. When the Dwell Website is up and running, we will have an official page. For now…accept these humble offerings to our collective table of worship.

The central idea of the Giving Garden is Jesus. The central modality of carrying His name through the Giving Garden is multiplying via INTENTION. It’s about pouring out His glory in gratitude and thanks…drawing from the abundance He’s sown in our lives.

We have all become good at feeding and clothing people with our leftovers. The leftover crops, over-abundance of tomatoes, bag of clothes that don’t fit anymore. We are so good at giving our abundance and that is an amazing thing that we do for our community in need. But what would happen if we made space in our lives where we intentionally created and grew something for the specific purpose of giving it away? I feel like it would, in some ways, change everything within our family. This is about intentional worship…it’s service. It’s not, “I’ll give away everything we don’t eat,” but “I’ll give away all of this. I grow it to give it.”

Isn’t that my life in Jesus? I breathe in His breath every day, to pour out His praise, glorifying His name to all His people? I receive love to give love. It’s what it all is….It’s the difference between hearing the Word, and DOING the Word. Not if I have time, or if I feel inclined to. And this is the space that He has brought me to…I have lacked the “doing,” and the Lord has brought me to this space, now, where we have intention to be doers.

So when I told my husband, “let’s build a garden,” God said, “let’s build ME a garden…I have people to feed….make room for ME.”

So one bed, became 2 beds. And God said, “more.” And now its four….massive….beds.

1/2 of these beds are ours and our family’s. The other 1/2 of the beds will provide fresh produce, for free or donation, to ALL people that God brings to our door. We don’t know how He’ll bring them, or what it will look like. But this garden is being built and will be grown with His justice for all His people to have the hungry fed as the intention. 

So we don’t know the how’s, but we KNOW that God’s heart is about feeding the hungry…

….so we’ve simply made room for Him to do that. They’re His people, He knows best how to feed them…we just provide the room for His action. In all areas of our life, Jesus.

Yes. And Amen.

How can YOU be a part of the giving garden?

1. Start planning/building a garden at the end of summer. We recommend the Square Foot Gardening book. It’s your gardening bible about a method that you seriously can’t screw up. Anyone can do it…so read it…love it. Devour it. Get to it. Decide to give one square, or all of the squares to God to feed His people and let Him do that in whatever we He chooses. Follow Him.

2. Add to, or create space in your own garden. If you are already gardening, section off a few rows/squares that are your Giving Garden Space. Those are His. Or you can add more on to your garden.

3. Hashtag #thegivinggarden on your project, progress, and testimonies. Let’s start a movement…a movement that we ALL can be a part of!!! This is feeding the hungry…right here. Go help your friend in her giving garden, if you’re in an apartment you can do square food gardening right on your patio.

Just a look into what OUR space will look like: Right now, our tentative plan is that we will have “shopping days” open to the specific audience that God will map out for us. He will bring us His people. I plan to have a lot of information available about how to prepare the food, store it, recipes, etc.

But the neat thing about this is…everyone’s giving garden story will be different. Every way that their produce is used is SO different. Maybe you already feel the plan growing in your own heart and it’s giving away half of your cucumbers to your neighbor. That’s so amazing, friends. The Scripture says that the heavens rejoice over ONE SOUL coming to know the Lord. We each matter, individually to the Lord. Feeding one neighbor next door is feeding and clothing Him, and following His heart. That’s awesome.

Fact: people on fixed incomes, or government allowance typically do not purchase fresh fruit or vegetables as these are considered “luxuries.” They don’t typically have refrigerated storage available either, if they are homeless or in a shelter, so the money would be wasted. We are providing these friends with a luxury…and with food that will sustain and support their health.

Friends…I can’t even say how thankful I am for you. I am outspoken, unworthy, and pretty un-everything, but He continues to love me, grow me, lay over me, shower me, and raise me up from these spaces that I fall. He does this for all of us.

Let’s feed His people.







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